Letting Go of Summer


The poppies bloomed 2 weeks early,
and thus began a season of long, hot days and much fruit.

Although we’re well into fall, we thought it would be nice to share a little about our summer before jumping into the fall update.  We hosted several short-term WWOOFrs, including Sara (left, with Mikey), Emily and Nick (middle picture, top right), Megan (right, with Blue), Justine and Chloe (lower pics) who were visiting the U.S. from Switzerland.


JustineJaydee   ChloeSaw

Our dear friend Chris came back from LA (he lived with us last summer). Brandelle came to us from Atlanta and stayed all summer. Blue joined us near the end of summer and still stops by between traveling adventures.

Here is a little of what we got up to:

BrandellBeets    Jared weaving for website   Sheefra hidetanning

dance flipped  Jaydee picker shed   ChrisPorky

(from top left, clockwise): Brandelle with some of our early beets; Blue weaving a laundry basket; Sheefra softening a deer hide; impromptu dance improv session in the yard; jaydee standing by an early 1900s picker shed, one of 2 that we will soon bring to the farm; Chris riding “Porky” the pig.

It was really hot this year! We ate 10 huge home-grown watermelons, and spent a lot of time at the river trying to cool off…


We topped off the long summer with a harvest party! Lots of kids and their families showed up and we bobbed for apples and ran 3-legged races.

3-legged race irene tunde 2   3-legged race

AppleBobbing girls


Here is a video our friend Alana Kansako-Sarmiento made during late spring:




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