Together Again

How good and pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to sit together.”
– translation of Hebrew song Hine Ma Tov


Our first Friday evening Shabbat dinner all together in a very long time – what a pleasure to share a wonderful meal surrounded by blossoming flowers and green grass!


This May saw a joyous reunion of our crew of core members! Sheefra returned from a year in North Carolina and Tracy returned from several months of travels in Arizona and California. Jaydee and Mike each took some time to travel in the fall and winter and had been holding down the fort since then. We were also re-joined this spring by Justin, who interned here several years ago and has been working and traveling since then. He has been enthusiastically working in the garden and gratefully nurturing himself to heal from the stresses of travel and work. What a gift it is for us to have someone recognize the profound healing of a cooperative lifestyle rooted in living nagdeo! In a sense, we have all spent some time away and felt called to return, realizing that there is nowhere we would rather be than with each other where we feel seen for who we really are and supported be our best.


Peeling cedar bark off of logs that are about to be milled. We’ll use the bark to build “primitive” shelters and for basketry.

Image result for cedar bark lean-to

Image result for cedar bark basket  IMG_2076

Backyard milling. We met a gentleman in Portland who wanted to cut down a bunch of trees in his yard to make room for a building project. We arranged for a miller to come to the site and make boards, some for us to use and some for the landowner. It was sad to see such beautiful mature cedars get cut down, but we did our best to offer our joy and gratitude to the trees as we worked with them.


Mike holding his birthday pie made by Sheefra


Cherry cream pie!


Buckskin sewing moment


Cherry Rhubarb birthday pie!



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